THE SADIST’S BIBLE (Print Edition) Comes to Kickstarter!


01 Publishing and I are teaming up to try and crowdfund a snazzy, illustrated, high production value, physical copy of my book The Sadist’s Bible. Click this link (or the K in the upper left corner of the video) to see everything that we’re offering.

Besides the print edition itself, rewards include actual pages of the original manuscript (with handwritten comments, edits, and corrections I made as I was revising it), space in an exclusive online class I’ll be teaching, and physical copies of the creepy “GOD WANTS US BROKEN” gospel tract that appears in the book.

We also have a lot of goofy, fun rewards, too. For example, we thought it was time for the Medieval practice of selling “indulgences” to make a comeback, so chip in $15 and–along with the book in print and digital editions– we’ll give you a certificate forgiving you of one minor sin. (Other available certificates include Licensed Faith Healer, a Naughty Televangelist Get Out of Scandal Free card, etc.) I hope you’ll give this a glance. I’m a Kickstarter virgin so, be easy on me!



Italian Translation of MR. SUICIDE Due in 2017 from Independent Legions Publishing

Italian translation of MR. SUICIDE announcement.png

Excerpt from announcement of the Italian translation


I’ve already talked about this a bit on social media, but I forgot to add an announcement here on the blog. So, here goes.

I’ve licensed the Italian translation rights for Mr. Suicide to Alessandro Manzetti’s Independent Legions Publishing. Alessandro is building a nifty stable of authors in translation with his press, and I’m proud to join the team.

To see the announcement in its entirety (in Italian), click here. To visit the English language page of the Independent Legions website, click here.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday October 29th–Reading & Signing Event at Dearly Departed Books (Alliance, Ohio)

IMG_8506 - Edited_picmonkeyedOn Saturday, October 29th I’ll be appearing at Dearly Departed Books (335 E. Main Street Alliance, Ohio).  (Update: I’ve just confirmed the times I’ll be appearing at the store. I’ll be there from 3:00-6:00 p.m., talking with readers and signing books. The reading and Q&A portion of the event will start at 4:00 p.m. and go until 5:00 p.m.)

Dearly Departed Books is a specialty horror, SF, and fantasy bookstore that does most of its business online, but maintains a storefront as well. They sell a lot of classic, hard-to-find genre publications. The store’s owner, Scott, says “We have quite a large SF and Horror section (around 4000 books, I think, and about 50,000 books in total on the main floor priced and ready for a new home). ” The store will, of course, also have copies of Mr. Suicide and The Mirrors on hand (which I’ll be happy to sign and inscribe for you.

It looks to be a festive event, as  Alliance’s downtown Halloween Zombiefest will be occurring at the same time!

For the uninitiated, Alliance, Ohio is about a 45 minute drive from Akron or Youngstown, a little over an hour from Cleveland, an hour and a half from Pittsburgh, and a half hour from Canton.

I hope to see a lot of readers there. I love doing these sorts of events. (Especially around Halloween!)



Likened to Kathe Koja

MrSuicide_FrontCoverThis morning I woke up to find John Boden’s new review of Mr. Suicide over at Ginger Nuts of Horror. Interestingly, Boden likens my work to that of Kathe Koja. (This is the first time I’ve gotten that particular comparison. Usually, if I get compared to anyone, it’s Poppy Z. Brite or early Clive Barker.)

Boden writes:

The closest thing I can liken this novel to is the feeling I got when I read The Cipher by Kathe Koja, all those years ago. My brain whizzing and screaming as it tries to put together what it’s visualizing from the prose. What started as just another troubled kid story morphs and evolves into a swaggering and sneering monstrosity of anger and seething rage, painted in blood and bile while still trying and some how succeeding in being human.

Brilliant. And terrifying.

You can get signed paperbacks of Mr. Suicide by ordering directly from Word Horde (where they’ll bundle it with a free ebook) and Carmichael’s Bookstore. You can also order the paperback and/or ebook from the usual online retailers. (Here are the links to Amazon, B&N, and Weightless Books.)

My New Story “Diary of a Sane Man” Appears in BLACK WINGS V


I received my hardcover contributor’s copy of Black Wings V: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror (edited by S.T. Joshi) in yesterday’s mail. It includes my new story “Diary of a Sane Man”. What a nifty book. I dig the look and feel of it. Kudos to PS Publishing (and to S.T.) for putting together a snazzy anthology.

Interviewed Over at HELLNOTES

Sadists_Cover_digitalIf you’ve ever wanted to know how I decorate my office (or how I wrote The Sadist’s Bible), then you may want to check out this new interview over at Hellnotes.

I also talk about the role of emotional realism in transgressive horror fiction (a subject I’m particularly passionate about) and several other topics.





I’ve been so busy lately that I somehow missed this review of The Sadist’s Bible over at Hellnotes.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The Sadist’s Bible is as relentless as it is exhilarating. The narrative marries real life issues with the metaphysical, both of which come together seamlessly in the novella’s epic and holy-shit! inducing conclusion. It’s gut wrenching. It’s unapologetic. And more importantly, it sticks with you — a clear sign that you’ve read something special.”



You can get your ebook version of The Sadist’s Bible at Amazon,, or directly from 01 Publishing.

Oh, and stay tuned for details about how to get your print copy of the book. There should be some exciting news on that front coming up soon.

I’m Interviewed in the August RUE MORGUE

Rue Morgue August 2016

The new (August) issue of Rue Morgue includes an interview I did about Mr. Suicide. (It’s in Monica S. Kuebler’s “Library of the Damned” column, on page 51.)

This issue has already been seen in the wild (at a Barnes and Noble in New Jersey). I suspect it’ll be showing up worldwide over the next week or so. They sell digital copies, too. So if you don’t want to wait, maybe buy one of those and download it instantly. To check out the full table of contents (or to order a copy of this issue–in either the print or digital format), click on this link.




THE SADIST’S BIBLE Makes Peter Tennant’s List of Top Reads


Critic Peter Tennant has assembled a list of his top reads of 2016 (so far). I’m stoked to see The Sadist’s Bible made the cut!

Wanna find out more about the book?

Visit Goodreads,


or the folks who released it, 01Publishing.



Hardcover CHILDREN OF NO ONE Available

children_of_no_oneWell, here’s something you don’t see everyday…

Someone is selling one of the signed limited hardcovers of my novella Children of No One. This novella is available as an ebook, but only one hundred signed hardcovers were printed by DarkFuse. They don’t come up for sale all that often.

Here’s a link for those interested in checking this out.

UPDATE: Wow…that was quick. Looks like the book sold. I try to keep an eye on these sorts of things. So if you’re interested in getting one of my rare editions keep checking this website, EBay, AbeBooks, Amazon, etc.