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Phase 2 of Charity Fundraiser, Chapbook Release in Full Swing

Last week, we raised $750 for the American Cancer Society and distributed twenty-four chapbooks.

This week, I’m hoping to raise at least $250 for the American Diabetes Association, and distribute several more chapbooks. (Thus raising $1,000 for charity between the two fundraisers.) “Phase 2” started today. Here’s a link to the fundraiser.

As I write this, we’ve raised $96 dollars for the American Diabetes Association and  prepared five chapbooks for mailing. So, we still need to raise $154 to make our goal. We have until midnight tomorrow to do so.

Keep in mind that you can give as little as five bucks. 

If you donate (in any amount), I’ll send you a copy of The Pessimist. (A limited edition chapbook featuring a story by my dear, departed friend Sara J. Larson, a reprinted poem from Thomas Ligotti, and an essay from Nick Mamatas.)

Only fifty copies are being made available to the public. As I write this, twenty-nine of them are gone. Only twenty-one remain. Got get yourself one!


In 2012, horror author Sara J. Larson died of inflammatory breast cancer. She was a dear friend of mine. Today, I posthumously published Sara’s last story, “Freedom”, as part of a limited edition ten-page chapbook titled The Pessimist. Other contributors include Thomas Ligotti and Nick Mamatas. (The Ligotti piece is a reprinting of his poem “Welcome to the Unholy City”. The Mamatas piece is an essay. )

How do you get a hold of a copy? 

Today I’m hosting a fundraiser on Facebook for the American Cancer Society. (Here’s the link: .)

Tomorrow (Saturday October 17th) I’ll be hosting a fundraiser on Facebook for the American Diabetes Association.

The first fifty people who donate to these fundraisers will be mailed a copy of the chapbook. (As I write this, fourteen have already been mailed out to donors, so now only thirty-six are available.)

There will be no charge for postage. I’m picking up that cost. Simply be one of the first fifty to donate to these fundraisers, and you’ll get a copy. There’s no minimum donation required to get the chapbook, but I hope everyone considers giving as much as they can.

Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 32: Scratch Your Gombrow-icz

Cushing’s Bookshelf returns with a look at Cosmos by Witold Gombrowicz.

Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 31: Goethe’s FAUST (Part 1)

Cushing’s Bookshelf returns with a look at Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust (Part 1).

New Novella Available: THE HALF-FREAKS



Grab a copy from…

About the book…

Harry Meyers is ill-equipped to handle funeral planning of any sort. If he had a goldfish and that goldfish died, he would probably find a way to bungle the flushing. But when Harry’s mother passes away without having made any arrangements, and he’s the only surviving next of kin, Harry is called on to navigate a grimly hilarious, half-real world of morgues, morticians, fetishes, and cosmic disaster. Transgressive and bleakly funny, terrifying but surprisingly humane, The Half-Freaks showcases Nicole Cushing’s ever-evolving take on the Weird.

Praise for The Half-Freaks

“….a treat for those who love their horror on the strange side.” — Nick Cato, The Horror Fiction Review

“Overall, THE HALF-FREAKS is guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve ever read before. Take that as a dare, if you will. I did! Highly recommended!” —  Char’s Horror Corner

“An author can be transgressive and terrifying, yet sincere and humane at the same time. This novel proves it.” — Mike Denham, Signal Horizon

“The Half-Freaks is definitely a flagpole in the tent of the strange. It shines as a beacon to those of us that dig the weird and also as an open door for someone that might be new to this type of horror. Cushing’s ability to make us believe Harry is alive is a masterclass on building characters.” — Matt Brandenburg, High Fever Books





Interviewed by THIS IS HORROR


Here’s the link:



Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 30: THE WEIRD

Horror Anthology Month continues on Cushing’s Bookshelf with a look at Ann & Jeff VanderMeer’s colossal, 1100 page book, The Weird.

I talk about a couple of my favorite stories.


Cushing’s Bookshelf Episodes 27, 28, and 29

Once again, I’ve forgotten to post the new episodes of Cushing’s Bookshelf onto the website. So, here are the last three!



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Cushing no 2 September 5 2019Here’s something new, for those folks who want writing instruction but find themselves on a tight budget.

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