Major Publishing Announcement Today at Noon (Eastern Time)

A little tease of what’s comin’ down the pike…


Cushing’s Bookshelf, Ep 4: The Polyphonic Squee

Time for another installment of Cushing’s Bookshelf . This week, I share my thoughts on Milan Kundera’s The Art of the Novel (a nonfiction book that influenced my forthcoming novel). Enjoy!

Cushing’s Bookshelf, Ep 3: Fists Are Flying

Time for another visit to the bookshelf. This week I take a look at Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing, and show off my Youtube channel’s state of the art special effects!

Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 2

This week I take a look at Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within. Enjoy!


Behold, the premiere episode of my new series of Youtube videos, Cushing’s Bookshelf.  In this series, I’ll be discussing some of my favorite reads. Hope you dig it!

RUE MORGUE Says I’m One of Thirteen “Wicked Women to Watch”

The January/February issue of Rue Morgue includes me in its listing of thirteen “Wicked Women to Watch”!

I’m pretty stoked about this, and with the praise in the text. The piece mistakenly says I’m “Maryland-based” (a misreading of my bio, where I mention I was born and raised there), but hell, it’s RUE-fuckin’-MORGUE, so they could say I was based out of John Waters’ Mortville and I’d be cool with it!


Grimscribe Press to Publish New Novella THE HALF-FREAKS

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 10.44.38 AM - EditedWith the contract signed, I can now announce that my new novella, The Half-Freaks will be released later in 2019 by Jon Padgett’s Grimscribe Press. Looks like there will be a limited, illustrated hardcover edition, as well as trade paperback and ebook editions.

Behold the synopsis!

Harry Meyers is ill-equipped to handle funeral planning of any sort. If he had a goldfish and that goldfish died, he would probably find a way to bungle the flushing. But when Harry’s mother passes away without having made any arrangements, and he’s the only surviving next of kin, Harry is called on to navigate a grimly hilarious, half-real world of morgues, morticians, fetishes, and cosmic disaster. Transgressive and bleakly funny, terrifying but surprisingly humane, The Half-Freaks showcases Nicole Cushing’s ever-evolving take on the Weird.

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Rue Morgue TV Digs MR. SUICIDE

So this is pretty cool. My Bram Stoker Award® winning novel Mr. Suicide received some recent love from Rue Morgue TV‘s Grim Reader, Monica S. Kuebler. Discussion of Mr. S. starts at the 4:28 mark of the video. Grateful the book is still getting talked about nearly four years after publication.

When You Get into a Twitter Argument with a Fundamentalist MLB Relief Pitcher, and His Posse Inadvertently Give You a Giggle

screenshot 2019-01-23 at 4.22.44 pm - edited

The Three Books I Wrote This Year


As 2018 winds down, this seems as good a time as any to take stock of the year that has just passed.

  • I finished my second novel, edited the hell out of it, polished the edits, sent it out to beta readers, integrated their feedback, and sent it out to be considered for publication. It weighs in at about 83,000 words.
  • I finished a stand-alone novella weighing in at just a little over 20,000 words (if I recall correctly). I still need to spend time polishing this one, but I don’t expect it to take very long to whip it into shape.
  • I finished a group of thirteen poems (several of which are loosely linked). Some  of the poems are long and some are short. I just finished this project today. I’ll need to run this through another round of editing, mostly to make certain that continuity has been established between the linked pieces.
  • I’m also working on getting a Mr. Suicide audiobook project finalized. This has taken me far too long to finish.
  • 2018 also marked the tenth year of my writing career. (Yes, I made efforts as long as twenty-five years ago, but I didn’t have the work ethic to make progress until 2008. That’s the year I really started.)

Anyway, I have no information yet about when any of these new projects might land in your hands. But I’ll post news here when it becomes available.