Writing Classes (The Nightmare Institute)

teaching picFor the past five years, I’ve taught writing classes throughout the United States (either at various genre fiction conventions or in academic settings).

Earlier this year, I decided to branch out into the world of online teaching, through a new initiative I call The Nightmare Institute.

How It Works

Think of The Nightmare Institute as “Netflix (or Hulu, or Amazon Prime) for Horror Writing Instruction”.

For $15 a month (paid via Patreon) you have access to an ever-expanding library of  horror writing instruction videos and accompanying .pdf class materials. Each video is 25-30 minutes long. Currently, there are five videos available, providing over two hours of total instruction, covering two topics,

Nightmares at 80,000 Words: Writing the Horror Novel

Two videos (one hour of total instruction) currently available on this topic as of September 19, 2019, with additional videos to be posted at the end of each month, at least through December, 2019.

Poe and the Building Blocks of Horror 

Three videos posted, providing one hour and fifteen minutes of total instruction.

Free Sample

Not quite sure how video instruction works? Here’s a free excerpt from the class “Poe and the Building Blocks of Horror” to give you a feel for how I work.


(Note: bear in mind, this video is only an excerpt. The full class video is 25-30 minutes long and goes into far more detail.)

As with Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc.,  you can either take your time and watch one video each month or, you can binge watch them all at once.

Daily Writing Tips

Your $15 monthly fee also gives you access to daily writing tips (posted Monday-Friday on my Patreon page), as well as a monthly postcard adorned with one of my odd doodles (signed!).

Or, if money is tight and you just can’t do the $15 a month, you can back me on Patreon at the $1/month level and just get the daily writing tips. (Not the same as a full class, but still, lots of useful nuggets.)

No matter which level you choose, your backing is appreciated! Again, here’s the Patreon link for more information.


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