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Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 21: Oh Shit! There Was a Fire!

A small fire took out the electricity at my house, so I recorded this week’s episode from a hotel. The show must go on! Continuing my discussion of Edgar Allan Poe’s Richmond by Christopher P. Semtner, I conclude that Eddie P. was so crass and obnoxious that he could rightly be dubbed “the George Costanza of weird fiction”.

All that and more, folks. Step right up!

“It is my opinion that A SICK GRAY LAUGH is Cushing’s masterpiece.”

sgl_cover_sm-662x1024Posted today on Signal Horizon (review by Scott Kemper):

A Sick Gray Laugh is easily the best piece that she has put out, and frankly it left me in awe….it is my opinion that A Sick Gray Laugh is Cushing’s masterpiece. This will be the book people talk about when they talk about her moving forward. This book showed me a whole new side of Cushing and I want more…As of now, this is the best horror novel I’ve read all year.”

Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 20: Foghorn Leghorn & the Red Death

After Poe’s death, his mother-in-law burned papers that told of dark, still-unknown, family secrets. (According to Poe biographer Christopher P. Semtner.) Also, he sounded just like Foghorn Leghorn. (According to me.)

A brief vlog on Edgar Allan Poe’s Richmond: The Raven in the River City

Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 19: Gogol’s Lament

Grab your deerstalker hat and magnifying glass, ‘cuz this week, we’re searching for lost manuscripts!

Outlining for Writers Who Hate Outlining

Another free sample of my Nightmare Institute classes: Outlining for Writers Who Hate Outlining.

In this five-minute video, I discuss an alternative method of outlining, for writers who find that traditional plot outlining doesn’t work for them. To get access to the full, 25 minute class (and all previous 25 minute classes), back my Patreon at the $15 level. More information at: .


Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 18: Fetal AMADEUS

This week on Cushing’s Bookshelf, I take a look at Alexander Pushkin’s “Mozart and Salieri”, the one-act play which inspired Peter Shaffer ‘s Amadeus.


New Poem, “The Art” to Appear in the HWA POETRY SHOWCASE VI

Congratulations to all the other folks whose poems were accepted, and a special congratulations to Saba Syed Razvi, Michael Bailey , and Michael Arnzen (all given special recognition as “spotlight” poets).

For the full table of contents, click the link:

Cushing’s Bookshelf, Episode 17: Two Minutes in the “To Be Read” Pile

Betcha my “to be read” pile is bigger than yours! (And yes, it’s literally a pile.) This week on Cushing’s Bookshelf: a two minute video in which I consider which book I’ll read next after finishing Dante’s Purgatorio.


Interviewed by Gwendolyn Kiste

sgl_cover_sm-662x1024Curious about A Sick Gray Laugh and The Half-Freaks? I chatted with Gwendolyn Kiste about the inspirations for both! Also…some writing advice and a discussion of my daily routine!


“Noelle Cashman—I mean Nicole Cushing—has delivered a shocking and satirical survey of the failed American experiment and its many horrifying discontents. A Sick Gray Laugh‘s warts-and-all metanarrative is reminiscent of such recent genre touchstones as Caitlin R. Kiernan’s The Red Tree and Gemma Files’s Experimental Film, but told in a brutal and uncompromising style that is all Cushing’s own.” — Robert Levy, author of The Glittering World