Phase 2 of Charity Fundraiser, Chapbook Release in Full Swing

Last week, we raised $750 for the American Cancer Society and distributed twenty-four chapbooks.

This week, I’m hoping to raise at least $250 for the American Diabetes Association, and distribute several more chapbooks. (Thus raising $1,000 for charity between the two fundraisers.) “Phase 2” started today. Here’s a link to the fundraiser.

As I write this, we’ve raised $96 dollars for the American Diabetes Association and  prepared five chapbooks for mailing. So, we still need to raise $154 to make our goal. We have until midnight tomorrow to do so.

Keep in mind that you can give as little as five bucks. 

If you donate (in any amount), I’ll send you a copy of The Pessimist. (A limited edition chapbook featuring a story by my dear, departed friend Sara J. Larson, a reprinted poem from Thomas Ligotti, and an essay from Nick Mamatas.)

Only fifty copies are being made available to the public. As I write this, twenty-nine of them are gone. Only twenty-one remain. Got get yourself one!

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