In 2012, horror author Sara J. Larson died of inflammatory breast cancer. She was a dear friend of mine. Today, I posthumously published Sara’s last story, “Freedom”, as part of a limited edition ten-page chapbook titled The Pessimist. Other contributors include Thomas Ligotti and Nick Mamatas. (The Ligotti piece is a reprinting of his poem “Welcome to the Unholy City”. The Mamatas piece is an essay. )

How do you get a hold of a copy? 

Today I’m hosting a fundraiser on Facebook for the American Cancer Society. (Here’s the link: .)

Tomorrow (Saturday October 17th) I’ll be hosting a fundraiser on Facebook for the American Diabetes Association.

The first fifty people who donate to these fundraisers will be mailed a copy of the chapbook. (As I write this, fourteen have already been mailed out to donors, so now only thirty-six are available.)

There will be no charge for postage. I’m picking up that cost. Simply be one of the first fifty to donate to these fundraisers, and you’ll get a copy. There’s no minimum donation required to get the chapbook, but I hope everyone considers giving as much as they can.

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