October 15, 2018: Willa Catheter

  • On Saturday, I finished revising my second novel and sent it out to beta readers.
  • I did a spell check before sending it out.
  • The novel makes a reference to the great Midwestern author, Willa Cather
  • The spell check wanted to rechristen her “Willa Catheter”
  • I preserved the great author’s dignity. I told spell check to go fuck itself.
  • I spent a fair bit of Saturday afternoon in a daze, just sort of numb. So much work went into this book, and it feels weird for it to be finished. (Satisfyingly weird, but yeah…still weird.)
  • I’m reminded of the scene in Misery, where the author dude has a sort of ritual arranged for the completion of each novel. (He always has a glass of the same kind of wine, always smokes the same sort of cigar.)
  • My “ritual” is far less romantic. I clean my fuckin’ house. (Gotta make up for lost time. Housework always takes a hit toward the end of a novel.)
  • My beloved Bengals lost Sunday afternoon. To the hated Steelers. On a play in the last minute of the fourth quarter.
  • While the novel is out to beta readers, I’m working on another new book, too.

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