September 24, 2018: Update on the Novel

  • Just finished the first round of edits on the new novel. For me, this involves printing out the manuscript, reading it, and marking it up with a pen.
  • Then I’ll go through the file and make all the changes.
  • THEN, I’ll save the manuscript as a .pdf and send it to my Kindle.
  • THEN, I’ll read it on the Kindle. During this process, I’ll undoubtedly discover several new errors. (I always catch new errors during this part of the process. For some reason, I visually process the text on the screen in a different way than I process the words on the page.)
  • THEN, it’ll go out to a couple of beta readers.
  • Now I have to get ready to go running.
  • I want to run for about an hour. (Lately, because of weather, etc., I’ve only been making half hour runs.)
  • I’ll be playing a shitload of softball games later this week.
  • My beloved Bengals lost to the Panthers yesterday. Insert feline joke here.
  • Speaking of felines, Jasmine the Jazzy cat just walked in, meowed, and left.
  • When, oh, when, will my Cincinnati Reds be good again?
  • I’ve been listening to this cool podcast, run by a small nonprofit press focused on the translation of literary fiction. Even though that’s a little far afield from my own work, I enjoy listening to it because it offers insight on trends in the publishing industry from the perspective of a small, non-mainstream publisher. And I’ve enjoyed a couple of their books, too. Translated books, in my experience, are far less likely to contort themselves to fit the pop culture/melodrama/crash/bang/boom aesthetic.

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