September 17, 2018: I Suck at Blogging

I just realized it’s been about eight months since my last blog post. Wow.

Some updates:

  • I’ve just finished writing a solid draft of a new novel. It weighs in at about 85,000 words. This one has been written and re-written a lot over the last year or so. I feel it’s finally getting close to the point when I can send it off to beta readers.
  • Another novel (or long novella?) stands at around 30,000 words.
  • Both of these projects were delayed by the fact that I wrote short stories (and one novelette) for anthologies.
  • I realize I no longer want to write short stories or novelettes for anthologies.
  • I realize that I’m an obsessive perfectionist with my work, and that such an intense perfectionism goes to waste when focused on short stories and novelettes for anthologies.
  • I’ve partnered with an audiobook narrator to work on an adaptation of Mr. Suicide. The recording is finished, and now I’m writing up various corrections in the narration.
  • I’m reading a fair bit of dark literary fiction, but not a lot of stuff that would comfortably fit in the horror (or weird fiction) categories.
  • Over the last year or so, I’ve been reading a lot of Midwestern fiction and local history. (Partly for my own pleasure, partly to better acquaint myself with my regional predecessors, partly as research for the now-completed novel.)
  • The Cincinnati Reds have proven quite disappointing this year.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals are, at this early stage, quite promising.
  • I’ve enjoyed playing slowpitch softball this summer. (My second season.)
  • I’m only vaguely aware of publishing industry kerfuffles, and I find I’m happier that way.
  • August marked the tenth anniversary of my first serious attempts at writing. My how time flies.

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