Audio, Italy, and Deadlines

It’s been a full two months (!) since my last post. Chalk that up to a tight deadline on a project that’s proven to be more complicated than I originally thought.

Mister Suicidio cover

Cover of the Italian translation.

But I’ve decided to come out of my messy, ink-stained hovel for a few moments to let you know about two new releases.

  • First, let’s tackle AUDIO. There’s now a digital audiobook version of The Sadist’s Bible available for download at Audible, narrated by Julia Duval. This is the first audiobook adaptation of my work, but definitely not the last. Stay tuned for more news on that front.
  • Then let’s move on to ITALY. The Italian translation of Mr. Suicide (titled Mister Suicidio) has just been released by Independent Legions Press. Right now the Kindle version is out, with plans for a paperback to come out very soon. I’ve always been interested in how a continental European audience would respond to my work. Now I have a chance to find out!

I wish I could talk some more about my summer. But you know the drill. Work awaits, so I must return to my hovel.

Later, y’all.


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