The Sadist’s Bible Nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award!

Shirley-Jackson-AwardsWell, this is pretty damned delightful: The Sadist’s Bible has made it onto the short list for the Shirley Jackson Award in the novella category. I take great pride in this news, as I’m pretty sure T.S.B. has to be the most transgressive book to ever garner a SJA nomination.

No small feat, eh?

At the same time, I think the nomination makes a lot of sense. The protagonist of T.S.B., Ellie, was partially created as an homage to Eleanor from The Haunting of Hill House. I wanted her soul to writhe with anxiety in the same way Eleanor’s had. Hopefully, this nomination will help folks in the quiet horror, weird fiction, and dark fantasy scenes understand that transgressive works can aspire to genuine literary merit. The stigma against transgressive works (perpetuated simply because the works are explicit, without regard to the emotional and ontological context in which the explicit material is presented) grows tiresome after a while. My themes (trauma, mental illness, addiction, squalor, and related matters) don’t lend themselves to subtlety. These are all extreme states of being. To address them honestly, I have to write in a way that many may find jarring and unusual. So be it.

Congrats to all the other nominees, especially Joe Pulver and the great Brian Evenson.

The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday July 16 at ReaderCon in Quincy, Massachusetts. For more information about the Shirley Jackson Awards (and to see the entire short list), visit .

This marks the second award The Sadist’s Bible has been shortlisted for. (Earlier this year, the book was also nominated for the Bram Stoker Award® .)

The snazzy illustrated print edition of The Sadist’s Bible recently debuted at StokerCon. You can purchase signed copies for $7.99 at Louisville’s Carmichael’s Bookstore and San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy.* Both stores have online purchase options where you can have the book shipped to you. You don’t have to be in Louisville or San Diego to patronize them.

Unsigned copies and ebooks are available at ($7.99 for their unsigned copies, $1.99 for the ebook.)

*A note about Mysterious Galaxy: they have both signed and unsigned books in stock. I presume they would sell the signed books first, but you may want to check with them to confirm this.

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