THE SADIST’S BIBLE (Print Edition) Comes to Kickstarter!


01 Publishing and I are teaming up to try and crowdfund a snazzy, illustrated, high production value, physical copy of my book The Sadist’s Bible. Click this link (or the K in the upper left corner of the video) to see everything that we’re offering.

Besides the print edition itself, rewards include actual pages of the original manuscript (with handwritten comments, edits, and corrections I made as I was revising it), space in an exclusive online class I’ll be teaching, and physical copies of the creepy “GOD WANTS US BROKEN” gospel tract that appears in the book.

We also have a lot of goofy, fun rewards, too. For example, we thought it was time for the Medieval practice of selling “indulgences” to make a comeback, so chip in $15 and–along with the book in print and digital editions– we’ll give you a certificate forgiving you of one minor sin. (Other available certificates include Licensed Faith Healer, a Naughty Televangelist Get Out of Scandal Free card, etc.) I hope you’ll give this a glance. I’m a Kickstarter virgin so, be easy on me!




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