Likened to Kathe Koja

MrSuicide_FrontCoverThis morning I woke up to find John Boden’s new review of Mr. Suicide over at Ginger Nuts of Horror. Interestingly, Boden likens my work to that of Kathe Koja. (This is the first time I’ve gotten that particular comparison. Usually, if I get compared to anyone, it’s Poppy Z. Brite or early Clive Barker.)

Boden writes:

The closest thing I can liken this novel to is the feeling I got when I read The Cipher by Kathe Koja, all those years ago. My brain whizzing and screaming as it tries to put together what it’s visualizing from the prose. What started as just another troubled kid story morphs and evolves into a swaggering and sneering monstrosity of anger and seething rage, painted in blood and bile while still trying and some how succeeding in being human.

Brilliant. And terrifying.

You can get signed paperbacks of Mr. Suicide by ordering directly from Word Horde (where they’ll bundle it with a free ebook) and Carmichael’s Bookstore. You can also order the paperback and/or ebook from the usual online retailers. (Here are the links to Amazon, B&N, and Weightless Books.)


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