Kindle Edition Sale: MR. SUICIDE Now Only $2.99

MrSuicide_FrontCoverTo celebrate the Bram Stoker Award® nomination for MR. SUICIDE, Word Horde has knocked $2 off the Kindle ebook price. (It was $4.99, and is now $2.99.)

Click the link to take advantage of the sale.

Praise for Mr. Suicide

“…a work of brutal and extreme horror…disturbingly graphic content…”  — Publishers Weekly

“Novels don’t come much more transgressive than this one, folks. Got a taboo? Watch Nicole Cushing grin while she dances all over it. In other hands that might be reason enough for the witty Mr. Suicide to exist. But this is more and better than that–a truly nightmare world, richly imagined, told to us in a canny, subversive second-person voice that makes you, the reader, the hero of this tale, like it or not. That it also manages to be ultimately life-affirming is yet another wonder.” —Jack Ketchum, award-winning author of Off Season and The Girl Next Door

“After finishing Mr. Suicide, it’s difficult to believe this is her first published novel…I can’t recommend this book enough. One of the best I’ve read this year.” — Cemetery Dance (review by Frank Michaels Errington)

“This tale of a damaged and murderous child is the most original horror novel I’ve read in years. Cushing’s prose is rapid-fire, grisly, and passionate.” — Poppy Z. Brite, author ofExquisite Corpse and Lost Souls

Mr. Suicide by Nicole Cushing is one of the best debut novels in years, and I don’t say that lightly. This is an absolutely brutal, horrifying read that doesn’t rely on splatter to disturb. Cushing’s tale manages to get under your skin and into your head and refuses to let go. Seriously…this one messed my head up for days.” — Nick Cato, The Horror Fiction Review

“This is horror fiction that leaves marks.” — Ray Garton, author of Live Girls and Sex and Violence in Hollywood

“Cushing doesn’t give us an all-out splatterfest, aiming more for a narrative that unsettles its readers psychologically, disarming them from time to time with bursts of graphic violence. She handles this more cerebral approach deftly; and yet, her pages still seem to bleed, or at least to writhe with rotten blood itching to get loose.”  — LitReactor 


NOTE: If I’m not mistaken this sale also applies to international Amazon sites (, etc.). But check your country’s Amazon site to confirm this.



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