MR. SUICIDE Earns Honorable Mention on Errington’s List of Favorite 2015 Reads

MrSuicide_FrontCoverIn case you missed the news on Friday afternoon, my novel Mr. Suicide earned an honorable mention on reviewer Frank Michaels Errington’s list of favorite reads of 2015. (Heh…Mr. Suicide has been called a lot of things before, but never “honorable”! *rimshot*)

As you can see from the blog post announcement, Frank read a lot this year (140 books). So to be included in the elite group of titles discussed in his post is a significant accomplishment. (Only thirteen were recognized there, between the top ten and the honorable mentions.)

This is the second recent inclusion of my work in a year-end “Best Of 2015” blog post. (Earlier last week, my short story collection The Mirrors was named a top ten “Indiana book” of 2015 over at Bibliophilopolis.)

As I mentioned last week, building a writing career is a difficult task these days. There are a hell of a lot of books out there competing for readers’ attention, and at the same time I see no indication of an increasing dark fiction readership. So an “atta-girl” from a reviewer on a Best of 2015 list means a lot.

Now comes the part of the blog post in which I tell you where you can pick up your copy of Mr. Suicide.

You can, of course, grab a paperback or kindle copy at Amazon.

Or…you can grab a paperback or Nook copy at Barnes & Noble’s website

Or…you can get the Kobo version.

Or…you can order directly from the good folks at Word Horde and receive a signed paperback (with an ebook in the format of your choice included at no extra charge).

Or…you can pick up the book at your local bookstore. So far, I know copies are available at the following independent stores:

Carmichael’s Bookstore on Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky (signed paperbacks available)

Indy Reads Books in Indianapolis, Indiana

Mysterious Galaxy Books in San Diego, California

It’s likely there are copies floating around at other stores, too. (I don’t know where all the copies end up.) In any event, remember that even if the book isn’t on the shelf of your local bookstore you can special order it from them.

Okie doke. Take care, everyone. And if holidays are your thing, have happy ones.









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