THE MIRRORS is a Top Ten “Indiana Book” at Bibliophilopolis

The Mirrors Revised CoverThis is the time of year when many book bloggers list their picks for Best of the Year (often, but not always, framed as a “Top Ten” list).

Not coincidentally, this is also the time of year when many authors scan such lists to see if their books managed to make a more-than-fleeting impression on the blogging/review community.

Today I’m delighted to pass on the good news that my Cycatrix Press short story collection The Mirrors has been named one of the Top Ten “Indiana Books” read in 2015 at the book blog Bibliophilopolis.

Click on this link to check out exactly what the site has to say about The Mirrors, and to also discover several other recommended Hoosier-centric works. (Note: the site defines an “Indiana book” as one either written by a Hoosier or set in Indiana, or both.)

I’m grateful for the recognition. According to one source, there are over twenty million paperback books on sale at Amazon. While The Mirrors has received some fine reviews (most recently in the current issue of Black Static), it is–at the end of the day–a collection of dark short stories published by a small press (albeit, a reputable one).

With no corporate muscle or pop culture aesthetic to boost them, my books rely on this sort of word-of-mouth. So, thank you Bibliophilopolis!

Copies of The Mirrors are currently in stock at…

Indy Reads Books (Indianapolis)

Carmichael’s Bookstore (Louisville)

Barnes &

and, of course, the good folks at Cycatrix Press.

(Note: remember that if your local bookstore doesn’t have one of my books on the shelves, they can always special order it for you.)




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