Small Business Saturday

I’m enjoying a restful getaway in rural Indiana this weekend, but I felt compelled to hop online for a moment and urge you to consider observing Small Business Saturday by dropping by your local indie bookstore.

If you’re in the Louisville area, you can find signed copies of Mr. Suicide and The Mirrors at Carmichael’s Bookstore on Bardstown Road. In Indianapolis, you can find (unsigned) copies of both titles at Indy Reads Books. (And bear in mind that Indy Reads isn’t even so much a “business” as it is a charity. All profits from the store go to provide free literacy and language tutoring through the nonprofit organization Indy Reads.)

What’s that, you say? You live in neither Louisville nor Indianapolis? Well, you can still support Small Business Saturday in a variety of ways. Remember that every small press is a small business. (And, by extension, every small press author is a small business.)

You can buy my novel Mr. Suicide directly from the publisher, Word Horde. In fact, when you buy a copy of Mr. Suicide directly from them, they throw in the ebook version for free! You can also buy my story collection The Mirrors directly from its publisher, Cycatrix Press.

Both books are perfect gifts for the strange people in your life.





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