M. Night Shyamalan’s THE VISIT (and other disappointments)

Disappointment #1:  M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit.

While many people are looking at this as a Shyamalan comeback, I found it to be a messy, stinky turd of a film. I recently elaborated on this with David Templeton of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Pacific Sun.

Disappointment #2:  The 2015 Cincinnati Reds

With a record of 64-98, my beloved Cincinnati Reds ended the season in the cellar of Major League Baseball’s National League Central Division. (Sheesh, with a record like that I think “cellar” may be generous. The Reds might more accurately be said to dwell in an antediluvian grotto beneath the NL Central–like the subhuman blasphemies in “The Rats in the Walls”.)

It should be pointed out that two of their players, Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips, performed quite well throughout the year. Votto, in particular, shined.

But so many of the rest of them appeared to be going through the motions. I’m particularly annoyed by Jay Bruce (a pretty boy right fielder and past All Star who was only able to muster a .226 batting average this year). Appallingly, this is actually a slight improvement over last year.

But wait…it gets even worse. His batting average when it really counts (with runners in scoring position) was a miserable .180. This year, he’ll make twelve million dollars. His contract dictates that he’ll earn even more next year.

Whenever I pointed out Bruce’s shortcomings last year, his defenders were quick to point out that he was injured for part of the season and may have returned prematurely. I wonder what their excuse will be this year.

Disappointment #3:  September Postcards

On Saturday (October 3rd) I sent out the belated September mailing for members of the Nicole Cushing Postcard Club. I don’t think too many postcard club members will take me to task for this. They all seem to be easygoing folks. But I always prefer to do things when I say I’m going to do them. Mea culpa!


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