This Weekend at ScareFest (Lexington, Kentucky)

So, this weekend I’ll be coordinating the Horror Writers Association booth at ScareFest (a horror con in Lexington, Kentucky). HWA members L. Andrew Cooper, Geoffrey Girard, Eugene Johnson, and Kenneth Whitfield will also be at the table at various times during the event.

I’ll be selling copies of my novel Mr. Suicide, with 20% of the funds collected going to the HWA hardship fund.

I’ll also be spreading the word about the organization. We’ll have plenty of brochures on hand, as well as flyers about next year’s StokerCon in Las Vegas. Friday night at 7:15 I’ll be providing a presentation called “What the Horror Writers Association Can Do for You.” On Sunday at 2:00 p.m., I’ll be joined by other HWA members on a panel to discuss tips for aspiring writers.

This looks to be a fun event. Romero, Coscarelli, and several members of the Phantasm cast will be in attendance. I’m sure I’ll only see them in passing, but it should still be a blast.

If you’re at the event please drop by the Horror Writers Association’s booth and say hello. I’d love to meet you, and I’ll be happy to sign books for you.

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