Some Initial Reviews for THE MIRRORS & MR. SUICIDE

The Mirrors Revised CoverMrSuicide_FrontCoverSo, here’s the deal…

Soon I will have not one, but two, new books released into the wild.  (My debut novel Mr. Suicide and my first full-length story collection The Mirrors).  For quite awhile now, I’ve been busy working on these books.  My editors and I have done a tremendous amount of work on them.

The writing, the re-writing, the editing…all of that is done in relative isolation.  It’s just me and the editor working away on the project for months on end.  Honestly, at that stage of things, I’m concentrating so much on the task at hand that it’s easy to forget the ultimate goal is releasing the book to the readers.

But, before you know it, the publication date is just around the corner and the first reviews start to trickle in.  I think it’s natural for writers to be a bit nervous at this stage.  How will the world judge our strange babies?  I’m happy to say that both The Mirrors and Mr. Suicide have collected strong reviews in the last week or so.

Let’s start with The MirrorsThe review blog Horror After Dark gave the book five stars, and writes:

Wildly imaginative and creative, I’m stunned by the quality of this volume. The tales are consistently good-whether they be totally out of the realm of possibility, (invisible babies? see Non Evidens), on the verge of possibility, (purchasing a newly tattooed or tanned skin? see The Peculiar Salesgirl), or too late to stop, (see The Cat in the Cage), each one brings its own intensity to the reader.

Not long after that review came in, the popular website LitReactor offered praise for Mr. Suicide

Extreme and taboo are definitely two appropriate descriptors for Mr. Suicide. However, there are novels out there that out-gore and gross-out on every page. Cushing doesn’t give us an all-out splatterfest, aiming more for a narrative that unsettles its readers psychologically, disarming them from time to time with bursts of graphic violence. She handles this more cerebral approach deftly; and yet, her pages still seem to bleed, or at least to writhe with rotten blood itching to get loose. And this blood can infect you. See, the novel is a first-person account written in second-person, creating a strange cognitive dissonance with the protagonist and his actions, projecting his sick existence onto the reader, absorbing us into his worldview and forcing us to not only see but feel, deep under our own skin, his personal world.

Oh, and then shortly after that, Gef Fox (over at the review blog Wag the Fox) had some very nice things to say about my work, calling me:

…one of the better and more unique voices in horror to arrive this decade.

It’s a bit overwhelming to get praise like that, and I hesitate to even share that lest I seem like I’m some sort of egomaniac.  But I’ve been in this business long enough to know that it’s okay to celebrate the praise when it comes.  There are no guarantees in publishing.  Just because people liked your last book doesn’t mean they’ll like the new one.  If folks dig your stuff, it’s okay to enjoy that they dig it, unashamedly.

If you’re interested in reading Mr. Suicide you have a couple of different options.  If you pre-order directly from Word Horde, you can get both the trade paperback and the ebook for $14.99.  ($14.99 is the cost of the paperback, and they throw the ebook in for free).  They call it the “Mr. Suicide Bundle” and you can click on this link to order.  You also have the option of pre-ordering direct from Amazon.  Here’s the link for that.  (Note:  release date for the book is July 15th…although some folks who ordered directly from Word Horde have already gotten their copies.)

If you’re interested in reading The Mirrors, you can pre-order it directly from Cycatrix Press.  We did a “soft release” of that book at WHC (where we sold ARCs at a reduced cost).  But I’m in the process of giving it one additional polish before its official release.  We were originally planning for this book to come out on July 1st, but due to a bout of illness I suffered that has been slightly delayed.  But it should be out soon.  (Check here for updates).


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