May Postcards Mailed

I know, I know…it makes no sense to post this in the midst of the Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.  Everyone will be too busy to even take note of it.  But, I’ll do it anyway. Here goes…


Just a heads-up to members of The Nicole Cushing Postcard Club that your May postcards are in the mail.  This month’s writer in the Obscurity Showcase hails from South America.  He writes some awkward, odd (indeed, ugly) stuff — that’s for sure.  But I think it’s worth checking out at least one of his tales.

Looking forward to hearing what y’all think of this fella.

As an aside, I should mention that this is the first month I’ve actually labeled the postcards “Nicole Cushing Postcard Club”.  (I just thought that would provide some context for all this, in case the post office starts to have a WTF moment.  Of course, it’s probably not going to help their WTF moment much.  But maybe it will help a little.)

Oh, and here’s a little news about the Club.  We now have 16 members (representing three countries).  Roughly two-thirds are dudes. I’m not sure if that reflects my readership as a whole or not, but I find it interesting.

Each month, the club is growing. I’m glad about this.  I just really dig the idea of communicating to my friends and readers via snail mail.  There’s something refreshingly low-tech and earnest about it. And I also dig the idea of creating a showcase for highly obscure authors from days gone by, authors who — in some cases — are all-but-forgotten. So each month, in the postcard club, I share a little about an obscure, deceased author and their work.These authors  must have put so much effort into their fiction, and it seems like a waste to just let them be forgotten.

I make sure they’re remembered — and that’s the best thing that can happen to any writer (in my opinion).  Even if it’s just a little over a dozen people remembering them, they’re being remembered.

Anyway, this is the best way for me to communicate with readers and friends on an ongoing basis.  It’s a little strange and old school — just like me.

Oh, and in case you missed it, check out the interview postcard club member Jim Leach did with me at the World Horror Con in Atlanta.  We talk a bit about the club in the midst of other banter, and it’s a nifty part of the interview.


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