April Postcards Mailed

I’m in the midst of a substantial amount of work, these days.  So I must keep this brief.

April’s mailing to members of the Nicole Cushing Postcard Club went out today.

As always, I use the postcards to help get the word out about an under-appreciated writer from days gone by (I’ve started calling this part of the postcard “The Obscurity Showcase”).  This month, an early twentieth century Eastern European author takes his turn in the Showcase.  I call him “The Dirty Kafka” (as in, reminiscent of Kafka, but transgressive) .  Who is he?  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen me mention his name and work.  In any case, I do hope you’ll find the postcard informative.

Hell, not just informative.  Also entertaining.  As always, each postcard also features a custom, signed self-portrait doodle of yours truly.  This month, I seemed to focus on pictures of myself with different hairstyles (even though I’m not really into the whole “let’s try a gazillion hairstyles” thing).  Also, some of the doodles depict me at the moment of severe head trauma.  Make of that what you will.

As of today, the Postcard Club is comprised of fourteen members in three countries (yes, I send postcards overseas…the postage isn’t that much higher than sending a postcard to a destination in the U.S.)  Interested in joining the club?  Just email me at nicolecushingwriter (at) gmail (dot) com  (or send me a message on Facebook).

Okay troops, now back to the rest of my to-do list.



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