My Interview with HELLRAISER Star Doug Bradley (About THE SCARLET GOSPELS, Among Other Topics)

Doug Bradley photo 2(1)

Bradley in October, 2014 at Louisville’s Fright Night Horror Weekend (Photo by Nicole Cushing)

Okay, I’ve been keeping this little secret for a almost five months now.

In October, I spent nearly an hour interviewing actor Doug Bradley (perhaps best-known for his role as the lead cenobite, aka “Pinhead”, in the Hellraiser films).  This was a face-to-face interview, conducted when he appeared in Louisville for the Fright Night Horror Weekend.  I did a significant amount of research to prepare for this interview, and we ended up talking about everything.

A long excerpt (nearly two thousand words) has been posted on the website for Nameless Digest.  In this excerpt, Bradley shares one or two small (but intriguing) bits of information  about the new Clive Barker novel The Scarlet Gospels and his thoughts on the future of the Hellraiser franchise.  He also talks about his early days working with Barker in the UK avant-garde theater scene.  Many thanks to Fright Night Horror Weekend organizer Ken Daniels for making this interview possible.

The full interview runs about six thousand words and is slotted to appear in issue #5 of Nameless (forthcoming later this year).  But, in the meantime, I’m really proud of the excerpt.  Check it out, eh?


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