Coming in Late Spring/Early Summer: THE MIRRORS

Things are hectic, so I’ll make this brief. My first full-length short fiction collection, The Mirrors, will be coming out soon from Jason V Brock’s Cycatrix Press.

Jason has been an enthusiastic supporter of my work for awhile now (my stories have appeared in Nameless magazine and in his anthology A Darke Phantastique). In fact, we first discussed the possibility of Cycatrix publishing this collection almost two years ago at a pitch session at WHC in New Orleans. (Three cheers for WHC pitch sessions!). Anyway, it’s sweet to be able to talk about this, now that the contract is signed.

I’m also pleased to announce that S.T. Joshi is involved with the project (he mentions it briefly near the end of his most recent — January 2 — blog post).

I’ll be disclosing more details about this one as we get closer to publication. It’s going to be a busy year. This book comes out in late spring/early summer. My first novel, Mr. Suicide, will be released by the good ship Word Horde in July. Things will no doubt get a little frantic, but that’s a good problem to have.  (In fact, I’m not inclined to view it as a problem at all.)  I’m grateful that six and a half years of perseverance in the writing game is paying off. I’m also grateful for my readers.  You may not yet be legion, but you’re passionate. Thanks for traveling with me this far into the journey. I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of this year’s crop of books.

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