My Context 27 Schedule…

There are few conventions I love more than Context (a con focused exclusively on books, based in Columbus, Ohio).  Without a doubt, it’s my favorite con in the Midwest.  There are enough familiar faces there to make it a sort of family reunion, but also enough structure (writing classes, panels, etc.) to tickle one’s neurons.

Six years ago, when I first started writing again after a lengthy hiatus, I attended a short story critique group Gary Braunbeck offered at Context.  All the participants sent in stories ahead of time, to each other and to Gary.  We read all the stories before the con.  Then, during the workshop, Gary — and all the other students — provided critiques.  As we went around the table and discussed each story, we really dove into the nuts and bolts.  I recall it as being an intense three-hour experience on the Friday night of the con.  It was probably the most important night of my writing career.  I went into the workshop with an (undeserved) ego.  I left with an appreciation of how little I really knew.  Humbled, in a good way.  Rendered teachable.

It set the foundation for everything that followed.

And here, six years (and many stories) later, I am now a teacher of a writing workshop at Context.  (Specifically, I’ll be teaching a class that will provide tools for the discovery writer — aka, “pantser”).  There are still a few spaces available, by the way.

What a journey it’s been.  I’m proud to be a part of Context and look forward to teaching there.

In addition to teaching, I’ll be on one panel and I’ll have an assigned time to sign books.

Here’s the full schedule:

Panel:  Writing NonFiction (For Fiction Lovers) 10am Saturday

Signing: 11am Sunday

Teaching Discovery Writing Class:   1pm Sunday

If you’re at the con, please do say hello.  I’d love to meet you.


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