Tools for the Discovery Writer (Aka, “Pantser”)

This morning I worked some more on the class I’ll be teaching Sunday afternoon at Context 27 (a speculative fiction con in Columbus, Ohio, coming up in about a month). I’ll be providing specific tools for the so-called discovery writer  (aka, the fly by the seat of your pants writer, aka, pantser, aka she or he who does not do a plot outline before starting a project.).

Preparing to teach this class is turning out to be a lot of fun, as it has provided an opportunity for my ideas on the topic — which have been percolating for a few years now — to coalesce into a meaningful whole.  Unless my memory fails me, everything I’ve written has been pantsed rather than plot outlined.  So I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with this way of going about things, and look forward to sharing what I’ve learned.

As I put my class materials together I’ll be posting one or two brief excerpts here on this blog.  You know, free samples.  Teasers.  Here’s a piece I worked on this morning.  Take a gander at it by clicking on the linky-link : Discovery writing workshop PDF

And, for more information about the workshop at Context 27, check out this link.












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