Gearing Up For ReaderCon…

As I write this, I am about 36 hours away from departing for Boston (and, specifically, ReaderCon).  Having spent the early part of this week polishing a novella, I am ridiculously behind schedule.  I have not packed any bags.  The convention has not really been on my mind.  But it’s coming up.

I last attended this convention in 2011 and — if the blog I wrote afterwards is a reliable indicator — really enjoyed myself back then.

Some things have changed since those days.  This time, I come to the convention as a nominee for the Shirley Jackson Award (for my novella, Children of No One).  The ceremony will be held on Sunday morning.

I’m allowing myself to be hopeful of winning the award, but that’s not where I’m trying to focus my energy.  I’m trying to steer my energy in the direction of gratitude.  Gratitude for being nominated alongside a legend in the field like Ramsey Campbell.  Gratitude for being nominated alongside several other talented writers, too.  Gratitude for having my work embraced this way.  I may lose the award (most nominees do, eh?), but I hope to win the experience.  I hope to just savor being a nominee.

And who knows, I may win.  I hope I do. I’ll obviously be disappointed if I don’t.

But I won’t be crushed.  I’ll be having too much fun to be crushed if I lose.

But who knows, I may win.

(Repeat this line of reasoning over and over, about a gazillion times, and you have a window to my thought process about the whole thing).

In addition to being neurotically serene about the Shirley Jackson Awards, I’m also looking forward to seeing colleagues like Mike Griffin and Justin Steele (as well as my fellow-Codexians…who look as though they’re going to be well-represented at the con).

Alas, I must run.  So, there you have it.


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