Now Available for Pre-Order: I AM THE NEW GOD

DarkFuse has just placed my novella I Am the New God up on the Amazon Kindle store for pre-order.  The pre-order price ($2.99 in the U.S.) is one dollar off the price on release day (April 8th).  So get it now to save a buck!

“Audacious, original and gleefully offensive, a broadside against the entire notion of divinity, with an ending you’ll never see coming. Nicole Cushing is somebody to watch.”

— Jack Ketchum


Only a few in the world know the real truth about what happened more than two decades ago. While religions continue to covet their chosen deities, the gods we once worshipped were destroyed in the fall of 1989.

In their place, a troubled teenager named Greg Bryce assumed control—and he’s been presiding over and judging humanity ever since.

This is the tale of what happened before the world as we knew it came to an end, how Greg was driven by truth and lies, divinity and insanity, punishment and mercy, resurrection and murder, to assume his rightful place as The New God.



Pre-order link, U.S. :

Pre-order link, U.K.

Pre-order link, Canada:

Pre-order link, Spain:


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