What I’ve Been Up To…

I haven’t updated this blog in over a month.  Been busy with a few major projects.  I’m a good 2/3 of the way through a first draft of a novel.  I just submitted a short story collection to a publisher.  I have other projects on my mind, too.  So, when push comes to shove, I write rather than blog.  It’ll probably be that way for awhile.

I honestly wonder, sometimes, if blogging is worth the effort.  I wonder the same thing about social media.  You know, Facebook, Twitter, and all that.  I think of social media as essentially “the water cooler” where I get to hang out with other writers (and the occasional reader).  There’s good stuff shared on Facebook, and it’s a good way to connect with authors who you might not connect with, otherwise.  But it’s also a place where arguments can erupt seemingly out of nowhere.  A place where opinions are expressed stridently.  Where everyone seems to come equipped with a *different* version of internet etiquette (if any etiquette at all).

I’ve thought about killing my Facebook account entirely, but I think that would be throwing out the baby with the bath water.  So, instead, I’ll reduce my participation in it.  Maybe log on only every-other-day or once a week.  Maybe cull my friends list, so that it only includes people I really want to continue connecting with.  That kind of thing.

I want the benefits of being accessible and interacting with folks…but I don’t want the headaches of being accessible and interacting with folks.  So I’m taking the next month or so to mull over what changes (if any) I want to make in how I engage with people online.  My goal is to have a plan in place by January first.  Stay tuned.



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  1. Hello, Nicole. I’ve liked this post. Well, I like them all, whenever I have the time and energy to drop in here. But this one echoes some of my own dilemas (blog or write/draw? Easy: I’d much rather draw or write; any day).
    As for the Facebook thing…I was there, years ago, for a couple of months and then left in disgust. Whilst I take in and agree with the good points of the blasted thing, in the end I though that the bad ones overwhelmed and gobbled those.
    Or perhaps the whole thing, the general atmosphere, just got on my nerves (the mawkish “likes”, the insipid photos, the stupid ding-dongs over trivia…oy!).
    Be it as it may and in any case, I’ve concluded that for all the “possible positives”, Facebook is but one of the many tentacles of that Azathothian entity known as Turbo-Crapitalism, and its function is to scatter (energies -so that we’ll not invest them in thinking too much about what we should be thinking about), divide (and rule), distract (so that we’ll not notice the rising rot) and lull us into a false sense of secure and cozy fellowship. To put it in a Ligottian way, it’s one of the parts of that whole known as The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. (Ewdard Bernays, may you burn in hell…)
    Having said that, blogs can be OK as long as I don’t have to keep one going myself. I love yours. And many others like yours. They help, somehow, to keep me awake, entertained and, therefore, sane.
    Stay groovy.

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