LOVE IS THE LAW by Nick Mamatas

love-is-the-lawI’m a picky reader.  So much of what’s published these days (either genre or mainstream) just doesn’t work for me. So when I find something out there I do enjoy, I try to make a point of sharing that enjoyment with others.

I just finished Love is the Law by Nick Mamatas, and recommend it without reservation  I’ve seen the book classified as noir, but I don’t think that classification really captures all its gloriously strange essence. I know it’s a little silly to compare one author to another, to say “if you like Author X you’ll like Author Y”.  Doing that unfairly tethers present-day work to the past.  But it is a helpful exercise — particularly with difficult-to-classify books such as this one — because it can give readers a sense of just what they’re dealing with before they decide to deal with it.  So, with that caveat, I’ll say this:  Love is the Law seems — to me — to combine the political commentary, gritty tension, and post-modern magick of Alan Moore with the dark satire of Kurt Vonnegut.  At times it’s ridiculous — at other times, heartbreaking.  But it’s never dull and always smart.

Go out and get yourself a copy (available in paperback and as an ebook).


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