This Saturday’s Appearance at the Mooresville, Indiana Arts in the Park Festival

This Saturday, October 12, I’ll be participating in the literary component of the Arts in the Park Festival (at Pioneer Park, Mooresville, Indiana).   This is the sort of event I’m thrilled to participate in — a local celebration of the arts in a general sense and, more specifically, an opportunity to offer free instruction to children and adolescents (or even newbie adults) who want to be writers.

Here’s the deal:  I’ll be there along with several other Hoosier genre authors.  We’re offering three separate one-hour slots, during which we’ll be available (again, at no cost) to provide feedback on stories.   The suggested theme is “The Creature of Pioneer Park” (spooooky!),  but that’s just a prompt.  We certainly won’t be turning away someone who decides to write outside the box.  Due to time constraints, though, you (or your child) should limit the story to 1,000 words (about three typed pages, double-spaced),  Participants can either write their story at the event (we’ll have paper and pens available) or come with a pre-written tale.  If you write the story at the event, the first half hour of your time will be spent writing,  and the last half-hour will be spent receiving feedback from your instructor.

There’s a virtual registration sheet you can sign-up with here.  Pre-registration is appreciated, but not essential.  We’ll take walk-ups, too.

Directions to Pioneer Park are available at the linky-link.

My main interest in this event is the opportunity it presents to be helpful to Midwestern kids who may not have ever met someone involved in the arts.  I can still remember the impact a visit from professional actors had on me when I was a child. While there are parents who encourage their kids to pursue artistic fields, I think that’s rare — particularly in blue-collar areas.  More often, the push is to pursue a field that’s “practical” (and by “practical”, what’s really meant is “soul-devouring”).

That said, I want to emphasize that even if you have no aspirations of writing, at all, but you dig my work and live in the area, please feel free to drop by and visit.  I’m sure I’ll have some down-time now and then, and I’ll gladly sign books for you.  I love meeting people who read my stuff.

Thanks to author R.J. Sullivan for organizing this one. You can find a wee bit more information about what’s going on over at his website.


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