“I Am Moonflower” in WEIRD TALES #361 (The Fairy Tale Issue)

wt361_coverThe folks at Weird Tales posted the table of contents for issue #361 on their blog today.  Lo and behold, there was a wee bit of Cushing in it! (Alongside names like Peter S. Beagle, Tanith Lee, and others).

I’m pleased my story “I Am Moonflower” will appear in the magazine.  While I understand the magnitude of all the upheaval at Weird Tales over the last year or two, I’m nonetheless excited to be a part of the magazine as it forges forward.  You have to understand:  Weird Tales will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was the first place I discovered the work of my favorite author, Thomas Ligotti, a little over ten years ago.  I first read “Our Temporary Supervisor” in a pulpy, tabloid copy of Weird Tales I purchased — out of sheer curiosity — at a book store.  I didn’t really “get” Ligotti’s work at that point.  (I remember thinking the story was a bit of a head-scratcher. It would be several more years before I’d come to ultimately adore Tom’s work).  But, yes, that was the beginning.

Ten years ago.  Damn.  One of the worst years of my life.  Lots of loss.  My first experience with true poverty, too.  Financial poverty, certainly.  I could barely afford bus fare.  But even worse than that I experienced a poverty of the imagination.

Ten years ago, I wasn’t writing.  Words conveyed emotion.  Emotions were overwhelming.  Therefore, I couldn’t embrace words.  I couldn’t grasp the finer points of Ligottian fiction. I couldn’t finish a story.

These days, I’m not only finishing stories, I’m selling them.  To places like Weird Tales.  And that feels damned good.



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  1. Congrats! Big accomplishment.

  2. Thanks, Alan!

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