First Excerpt from CHILDREN OF NO ONE Now Up on Youtube

children_of_no_oneWow…March is suddenly upon us. The release of my novella, Children of No One, is fast-approaching.  Here’s the latest information about the book and various plans we have to get the word out.

For those of you who haven’t heard much about Children of No One yet, here’s the synopsis:

Sadism, nihilism, poverty, wealth, screams, whimpers, sanity and madness collide in Nowhere, Indiana.

For Thomas Krieg, Nowhere is a miles-long, pitch-black underground maze in which he’s imprisoned dozens of boys for the past ten years—all in the name of art.

For two brothers, Nowhere is the only place they clearly remember living. A world unto itself, in which they must stay alert to stay alive. A world from which the only escape is death.

But for an English occultist known only as Mr. No One, Nowhere is much more…and much less: the perfect place in which to perform a ritual to unleash the grandest of eldritch deities, the God of Nothingness, the Great Dark Mouth.

“Okay, Nicole, that’s all well and good,” you say.  “But that synopsis has been available for months.  Do you have anything new to share?”

Funny that you ask.  ;)

I’m excited to be able to share the very first publicly-available excerpt from the book.  I just posted this on Youtube and thought y’all would like to take a gander.  It’s brief, but should give you an idea of just what kind of character we’re dealing with, in Thomas Krieg.

I’m hoping to put together a few more of these brief videos in the next week or two.  Keep your eyes on my Youtube channel for more info.

Oh, and y’all have heard about the online book release party, right?  It’ll be on Thursday March 14th at 9:00 p.m. eastern standard time (U.S.), over at .  I’ll be taking your questions and discussing the book via online chat.  We’ll also be giving away three free Kindle editions of the book, as well as one free one-year subscription to the Kindle book club.  Sweet!

Oh, and if you haven’t already had a chance to read the early reviews, you may want to check out the following:




Anyway…there’s lots to do to prepare for the release.  I hope you can join me in being excited about this.  I’m quite proud of the novella, and quite proud to be associated with DarkFuse.  I can’t wait to hear what you think.


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