A Few Links for Monday…

Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot to offer in the way of blogging today.  My attention is squarely focused on reviewing copyedits for my upcoming DarkFuse novella, Children of No One and devoting time to my day job.

So, as I’m temporarily unable to fulfill my duties as blogger, I thought I’d refer you to a few recent blog posts worth reading.

Uninvited Books posted an interview with one of my fave authors, Ramsey Campbell.

Author Jonathan Janz offers a spirited defense of the late Richard Laymon.  He goes so far to say Laymon was “one of the best writers in horror history”.  I dunno.  I dig an occasional Laymon story as a sort of guilty pleasure.  Back when I read The Traveling Vampire Show, I enjoyed it quite a bit.  But I don’t think I can agree that’s he’s “one of the best” in horror history.  What say you, Cushingistas?

Fantasy author Theodora Goss wrote a thought-provoking piece, “Managing Depression”.  Says Goss:

…but this is what I believe: those of us who do difficult creative work can’t do it without making ourselves more vulnerable to things like depression. To do any creative work well, you have to open yourself up — to the world, to other people, to whatever is out there. And you have to make the barriers in yourself, the barriers that keep out your own fears and desires, thinner. Because in order to write well, you have to feel things, understand things, and that means the membranes between yourself and yourself, and yourself and others, have to be permeable. You become more vulnerable to all sorts of things. If you’re going to be sensitive, and you have to be as a writer, you can’t have a thick skin.

I’m glad that Ms. Goss is addressing this.  It’s always good to see authors talk about how they engage in self-care (which is what Goss discusses during much of her blog post).  I often think that authors — as a whole — tend to put self-care low on the list of priorities, when we should be making it a top priority.

And goodness knows, if anyone needs to hear this it’s horror authors:  those of us who deal with unpleasantness day in, day out.  Even if it is purely fictional unpleasantness, it can still be visceral unpleasantness.  I find it’s always helpful to take care of myself by engaging in activities other than writing that are engaging and good for me (lately, I’ve been trying to get back into  an exercise routine…something I used to do well at maintaining, before I started writing).

Anyway, there’s some food for thought this Monday.  Hopefully, I’ll have some fresh bloggery for you to peruse later this week!

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