InConJunction Highlights…

Got back from InConJunction Sunday night.  Still unpacking, etc.  (and finishing the first draft of my novel) so I’ll have to keep my “con report” brief.  Here are some of the best parts of the event.

  • Listening to/dancing to the Star Trek band Five Year Mission.  Anyone who thinks Trek fans are all a bunch of dweebazoids need to check out these youngsters.  They remind me of the Foo Fighters (if the Foo Fighters were dressed in costumes from the crew of Star Trek:  The Original Series.)  Their goal is to write a song focusing on the plot (or a subplot) from each and every episode of the ’60s TV show.  It seems like so many folks either put “Trek” up on a pedestal or lampoon it mercilessly.  Five Year Mission seems to hit just the right balance between tribute and camp, and they sound amazing
  • Listening to Author Guest of Honor Catherine Asaro‘s band the Diamond Star Project perform a haunting cover of  Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper”.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really get a chance to meet Catherine herself.  She sounds like a brilliant renaissance woman (Ivy League Ph.D., trained ballet dancer, Nebula-winning author — I think the only thing she’s missing is an Olympic medal!)  Hopefully I’ll get to chat with her sometime in the future.
  • Seeing Rosemary Laurey again.  It had been too long!
  • Finally putting faces to names (I was especially glad to meet my Online Writing Workshop acquaintance Tracy Canfield)
  • Talking to a Rabbi (who also happened to be an SF fan) about the implications of fried furries on kosher law.
  • Enjoying dinner Saturday night with several Indianapolis-based speculative fiction authors
  • Listening to filk music Saturday night.  (Okay, I know this makes me sound like an uber-dweeb, but I find late-night filk music to be just about the most relaxing thing in the world after a long day at the con).
  • Sunday afternoon’s “Science & Pseudoscience” panel.  This panel exemplified the sort of thing InConJunction does very well.  Lots of actual scientists in the room (along with a quorum of SF authors). Wish that panel could have gone on for hours.
  • Sharing my love of PKD and other weird authors with like-minded folks.

There were some downsides to the event.  A horror film con was also in town (which may have contributed to what seemed to me to be a fairly significant decrease in attendance from previous years).  Not sure if I’ll make InConJunction next year, but I had — overall – a positive experience this time around.


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