“A Classy Way To Commit Suicide”

Vonnegut was quoted as saying cigarette smoking is “a classy way to commit suicide.”

If you go to the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, you can actually see these ordinarily-prosaic implements of self-destruction enshrined in a  glass display case.  It’s probable that the only reason the Pall Malls survived the chain-smoking author is that this particular pack fell behind his book shelf.

I fully support cigarettes enshrined in a glass display case.

If you do, too, support the Vonnegut Library by purchasing a copy of How To Eat Fried Furries  (the royalties I earn for May sales will be donated to the Vonnegut Library).  For more photos of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library (and more info on the fundraiser) check out my earlier blog posts.

Tobacco: Nature's Revenge?


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  1. I remember that quip. One of his most memorable. You know you’re famous when a pack of cigarettes that fell behind your bookcase ends up in a museum.

    Nicole, If you could have something ridiculously ordinary of yours preserved in a museum, what would it be?

  2. nicolecushing

    James: Excellent question. My addiction, right now, is Coke Zero. So (following the Vonnegut Library’s example, by analogy) I’d say that a crumpled up can of Coke Zero, discovered littering the floor near my writing desk, would probably be the most apt exhibit.


    • That’s perfect! Anybody else’s Coke Zero wouldn’t matter, but because it’s YOUR crumpled up, discarded can, it’s worth a million dollars!

      In my case: I’m a tea drinker, so I think an old, dried up bag of green tea would be my main attraction!

  3. nicolecushing

    James: Maybe one day there will be a whole MUSEUM devoted to nothing but the addictions of odd writers. Imagine all the crack-pipes, bourbon bottles, and dead hookers on display!

    BTW…congrats on the sale to the Skipp antho! You deserve to be very proud of that one.

    • My exhibit would be pretty boring I think. So far…I have no addictions I’m aware of… I think…

      And thanks. I can’t wait to find out what my story is like compared with everyone else’s! I’d never have known about the collection if not for Facebook. Maybe it does have a purpose after all…besides collecting my personal information for marketing purposes.

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